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There shall be a paper of 60 marks. The Syllabus, distribution of marks and the pattern of
questions shall be as follows:
1. Translation / Explanation of an extract into English or vowel signs from the
following B.A. Pass Arabic Selection Prose Part-II 1963 edition. And Arabic
Hons. Course Pub by C.U. 1976. Eight questions each are having two marks.
(a) Al-Muntakhabatu Minal-Kashshaf Pages 26 - 39
(b) Al-Muntakhabatu Fi Sirah Pages 47 - 67
(c) Al-Muntakhabatu Min Muqaddamah Pages 68 - 84
(d) Al-Iqab Pages 175 - 204
(e) Al-Nahdat al-Lughat at-Arabiyya Pages 299 - 336
(f) Ala Hamish al-Sirah Book-I by Dr. T. Hossain
(g) Al-Ayyam - do –
(h) Maqamat Al-Hariri ------ Introduction & 1 to 3 Chapters
(i) Ki-Tab Al-Fakhri upto IInd Chapter from beginning
2. Explanation /Translation of Different verses or vowel signs from the following poetry
B.A. Pass Arabic Selection Poetry Part-II. Eight question each having two marks.
University Arabic Selection 1976.
(a) Diwan-Al-Zuhair Pages 141 - 143
(b) Al-Mutanabbi : Qasidah Lamiya Pages 139 - 146
(c) Abul Ala al-Maarri Pages 168 - 185
(d) Al-Muntakhabatu Min Diwani Ibnil Farid
(Arabic Hons. CoursePub by C.U. 1976) Pages 120 - 127
(e) Hafiz Ibrahim Pages 231 - 245
(f) Jamil Sidqi Al-Zahawi Pages 286 - 303
(g) Al-Shawqiyat: Al Hilal, Ayyuhan Nil,
Al-Dimashq, Munajatul Ahram, Al-Riqqu Wal-hurriyyaat,
Masair-al-Ayyam, Dhikra Istibal al-Suriya & Tut. Ankh Amun
3. Grammar. There will be six questions each having two marks
(a) Etymology : (I) Verbs their measures and salient features
(II) Irregular verbs includes perfect (Sahih)
Hamzated (Mahmuz) Infirm(Mutal) Surb (Mudhaaf)
(b) Nouns and cases of nouns
(c) Number Singular & Plural
(d) Different kinds of Particles (Al-Huraf)
(e) Syntex : Different kinds of sentences (II) Grammatical Analysis of any
sentence or verse with vowel signs. (III) Mafail Khamsa,Hal, Tamiz,
Mushabbah bil Fil etc.
(f) Powers (Al-Awamil al-Samaiyya)
(g) Rhetoric & Prosody
I. Ilmul Bayan, ILmul badi II. Al Magta, Al-Akran, Al-Illat,
Al-Bahr and Al-Taqti
(h) Philology: A short answer type question on Semitic Languages.
4. History of Arabic Literature from Pre-Islamic period to upto 1990 A.D. on the
different aspects of life and works of the famous scholars, writers and poets etc.
(b) Arabic Literacy Criticism especially on Pre-Islamic and Abbasid
Poetry, Critics and poets etc. There will be 8 (eight) questions each having two


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