Saturday, February 5, 2011


A. Geo-Tectonics:
Earth’s Crust (Composition and Layering); Rocks (Origin, Types and
Characteristics); Folds and Faults (Types and Landforms); Mountain Building and
Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes (Causes and Effects) and Volcanoes.
B. Geomorphology:
Weathering; Mass Wasting; Landform and Process (Fluvial, Glacial, Wind, Karst
and Marine); Normal Cycle of Erosion; Rejuvenation.
C. Oceanography:
Continental Shelf and Slope; Ocean Current; Topography of Ocean Floor; Ocean
Deposits; Resources of the Oceans; Salinity and Temperature of ocean water.
D. Climatology:
Composition of the Atmosphere; Elements and Factors of Climate; Insolation;
Heat Belts; Pressure Belts; Planetary Wind System; Cyclones; Monsoon.
E. Biogeography:
Soils (Factors and Processes of Formation, Soil Profile, Physical and Chemical
Properties) World Soil Groups (Zonal, Azonal and Intra-Zonal); soil Erosion and
Conservation; Plants (Factors of Plant Growth, Major types of Natural Vegetation;
Forest conservation.
F. Environmental Geography:
Ecosystem (Principles and Components, Energy Flow, Food Chain, Food Web and
Bio-geochemical Cycles); Environmental Degradation and Conservation; Meaning
of Natural Environment; Man-Environment Relationship; Natural Regions and
Environmental Adaptation of Human Life, Economy and Society.
G. Economic Resources:
Classification and Significance; Activity Components of Resource Utilization
(Lumbering, Dairy Farming, Fishing, Mining, power generation, Agriculture and
H. Human Resource:
Population --- (Growth, Distribution, Age-Sex Composition, Migration
Occupational composition --- Comparison between developed and developing
I. Regional Geography of India:
Relief; Drainage; Climate; Soil; Forest resources, Power resources, Mineral
Resources; Irrigation, Agriculture, Industry, Population; Trade and Transport,
Basis of Regional divisions of India (Physical and Economic).
J. Statistical and Cartographic Techniques:
Scale; Cartographic Techniques of Representation; Topographical Map; Map
Projection; Statistical Techniques.


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